Saturday, July 27, 2013

Famke Jannsen was brilliant in Stephen Sommers' Deep Rising.

There are not many films which had dealt with the events in the bottom of oceans and seas. That part of the world has not been explored till now. Deep Rising was one of the films which really showcased the affairs at the bottom of the sea and the events which had horror effect. Actress Famke Jannson was brilliant in Deep Rising. The film was directed by Stephen Sommers and released in 1998. Treat Williams led a submarine across South China Sea with the help of Kevin J O Connor. Una Damon was the other crewperson. They took mercenaries like Wes Studi, Clifton Powell and others. Argonautica, a huge ship was travelling in the same sea. Anthony Heald planned the ship but wanted money from insurance. Famke Jannson was seen stealing things and was locked in a vault. All of a sudden deep sea worms of Ottoia family attacked all the passengers and turned them into skeleton. When the same rooms and other parts of the huge ship was shown the skeletons of the passengers were shown, signifying the great harm that was done by the unknown sea creature. Treat Williams found his vessel colliding with a big stony body and got the vessel damaged. They boarded in the ship to fix their own engines. The rest of the film was the struggle of all the persons against the Ottoia. The creature looked like Octopus, but had strong biting mechanisms which created deep scars in the body of the victims and became unmanageable. All the mercenaries were killed one after the other. Anthony Heald tried to escape by a boat but it crashed with Argonautica and the creature was killed. Treat Williams finally took Famke Jannson in a small boat and reached another island. He planned it in such a way that the boat was to be set up at autopilot and crash it into the Argonautica to detonate the mercenaries torpedoes, which were still in the boat and destroy the creature. Finnegan (Treat Williams) did set the boat's autopilot and left on the jet ski with Trillian (Famke Jannsen). Canton (Anthony Heald) climbed on board, but could not turn off the autopilot, so the boat rammed the Argonautica and exploded, killing the creature and Canton. The creature created horror effect. It is doubtful whether such creatures still are alive in South China Sea. The performances of Treat Williams, Famke Jannson and others were realistic. The film did good business.

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