Thursday, August 30, 2012

Rituporno Ghosh had experimented in the film Chitrangada.

Rituporno Ghosh, Chitrangada. Director Rituporno Ghosh had experimented in the film Chitrangada. In Rabindranath Tagore’s Chitrangada it was shown that due to Shiva’s blessings a King of Manipur had only male sons. On one of the occasions he gave birth to a daughter. The King taught the daughter Chitrangada all the manly skills including the skills relating to warfare. Chitrangada fell in love with Arjun. During that period she tried to be feminine to impress upon the mind of Arjun. Rituporno Ghosh’s had a different plot altogether. He played the character of the son of Dipankar Dey. He had feminine nature from childhood. He became a dance trainer. Dipankar Dey never liked it. Jishu Sengupta in the film fell in love with Rituporno Ghosh. To impress upon Rituporno Ghosh at the end of the film he underwent a sex-change operation. But he showed anxiety about able to continue with the dancing after the operation. At the end of the film Jishu Sengupta got married to Raima Sen. It is interesting to see how the viewers of Kolkata accept the film as it is going to be released in September, 2012. The subject is complicated. Rituporno Ghosh experimented with the subject. Let us hope for the best for the reception of the film.

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