Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Kumar Shanu donated Rs 1 lakh to participant in Zee Bangla Saregamapa Program.

Kumar Shanu. Singer Kumar Shanu donated Rs 1 lakh to a participant who performed in Zee Bangla Saregamapa Program on Monday, 6th August, 2012. Kumar Shanu, Joy Sarkar and Alka Yagnik were the 3 judges who analyzed the performance of the participants from the beginning of the show. Actor Jishu Sengupta anchored the program. One of the girl participants sung a song. After that when Jishu Sengupta asked her whether anyone had come with her, she said her parents left her at an early age. She was an infant when her parents left her. Her uncle and aunt reared her up. After she reached her age of 8 years, she stopped studying because she did not have the economic capacity to study. Her aunt and uncle did not marry in their lives and sacrificed their lives for the girl. When Kumar Shanu heard all this, he said he sacrificed his salary given by Zee Bangla and gave Rs 1 lakh from his account for studies and singing career of the girl. He even told her that whenever the money got over, the girl should contact Kumar Shanu again for the money. The charitable pursuit of Kumar Shanu astonished the other judges and the anchor Jishu Sengupta. Many people have money. But celebrities like Kumar Shanu also have a big heart. The elimination rounds started in Zee Bangla Saregamapa program. Participants are providing their best performances to stay in the competition. Alka Yagnik, Kumar Shanu and Joy Sarkar are doing a great job.

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