Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sriradha Banerjee and Haimanti Shukla stormed Zee Bangla Banglar Sera Poribar.

Haimanti Shukla, Sriradha Banerjee. Sriradha Banerjee and Haimanti Shukla stormed Zee Bangla Banglar Sera Poribar on 17th August, 2012. Both of them had been invited by Prasenjit Chatterjee for the show Zee Bangla Banglar Sera Poribar. In fact the competition was between the family of Sriradha Banerjee and Haimanti Shukla. Both the singers had gained fame in Bengal for their brilliant singing. Haimanti Shukla was the daughter of singer Harihar Shukla. She had sung many classical songs in the last 30 years. Some of her successful songs included “amar bolar kichu chilona”, “thikana na rekhe bhaloi korecho bondhu”, “emon sapna kokhono dekhini age”. Sriradha Banerjee also sang many beautiful songs including “kichu kichu katha”. In the first round Sriradha Banerjee won the game titled Katakuti by giving more number of answers in the crossword round. The pictures were shown by Prasenjit Chatterjee and questions were framed from those pictures. Haimanti Shukla said it was more difficult to answer the questions than singing a classical song. In the other round relating to Bengali translation, Sriradha Banerjee did not get any point as she said the English word correct a number of times and points of reducted everytime. Even the time was shortened by 10 seconds each time a Bengali word was pronounced. The fact showed that Bengalies use the English words so randomly that when they are asked to speak in pure Bengali they cannot resist using those English words inbetween Bengali words. Prasenjit Chatterjee anchored the program in a very good manner.

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