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Chitta Basu and bengali films.

Chitta Basu and bengali films.

Chitta Basu was one of the notable directors who graced Bengali films during the 50s and 60s. Born on 27th November, 1907 in Khulna, Bangladesh, he contributed a lot to Bengali commercial films.

He worked under his maternal uncle Naresh Chandra Mitra from whom he learned work. He started his career with the Bengali film Bondhur Path in 1946. But he rose to stardom with the tremendous success of the film Chele Kaar in 1954. He did cast Bikash Roy and Arundhuti Debi in the main role. The story was relating to a small child played by Master Babua who caught Bikash Roy in the road and called him his father. At the end of the film his grandfather Chabi Biswas and grandmother Suprava Mukherjee accepted him as the son of Bikash Roy. Chabi Biswas played a cameo performance in the film and flabbergasted the viewers with his elegance even in the field of serio-comic films. Kalipada Sen composed the music of the film.

Chitta Basu continued with his dream in the film Ekti Raat with Uttam Kumar Suchitra Sen Kamal Mitra and others. The film was released in 1956 and music composed by legendary composer Anupam Ghatak. The serio-comic film did great business and Chitta Basu used the acting talent of Malina Debi to fullest extent in the film. Sandhya Mukherjee’s song “pradipero sikha keno kaape” became super hit. Chitta Basu’s other film Putra Badhu with Uttam Kumar and Mala Sinha did mediocre business.

Chitta Basu bounced back with the success of the film Bandhu in 1958. Uttam Kumar Asit Boron and Mala Sinha complimented each other in the film. Uttam Kumar gave landmark lips in Hemant Kumar’s song “mou bone aaj mou jameche” composed by Nochiketa Ghosh.

Chitta Basu was successful with the films Bindur Chele, Mantrashakti and Jaya. His other blockbuster was Mayamrigo in 1960. Chabi Biswas was perhaps at his height of dignity and elegance in the film. The story was written by Niharranjan Gupta and Uttam Kumar played a cameo to back up the new pair of Biswajeet Chatterjee and Sandhya Roy. The film had been remembered for dynamic performances from Sandhya Rani, Bikash Roy and Sunanda Debi. Manobendra Mukherjee was at his best as composer. All the songs in the film namely “bok bok bokum paira”, “metiri americar kabyo”, “bidhi re” became super hit. Chitta Basu continued the dream run with Biswajeet’s film Godhuli Belai. Again Manobendra Mukherjee’s romantic andaz in the song “godhuli belai” bewildered the viewers. Chitta Basu also made other films like Rastar Chele and Sesh Parba.

He died in 1993. One article is too small to describe the immense contribution of Chitta Basu to Bengali celluloid during the classic age. May be his performance opposite other giants like Ajoy Kar, Agragrami, Debaki Kumar Basu had left him unwept and unsung. His films should be preserved and restored.

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