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Will the new version of Karz be as successful as original film Karz?

Will the new version of Karz be as successful as original film Karz?

Subhash Ghai’s film Karz in 1979 had created sensation after dealing with a subject relating to reincarnation. Rishi Kapoor was born as the next generation of Raj Kiran who was killed by his wife Simi Garewal. Rishi Kapoor had to recreate the atmosphere to compel Simi Garewal to confess before the people that she had killed her husband. Everyone new that Raj Kiran died in an accident.

While the treatment in the film by Subhash Ghai had given him the title of showman after Raj Kapoor, the superlative music composed by Laxmikant Pyarellal and successful songs of Rafi, Lata and Kishore had stormed bollywood films in the late 70s. Besides, Rishi Kapoor was sublime in his lips in the songs “darde dil” sung by Rafi and “om shanty om” sung by Kishore. He became the model for youngstars across India and became a strong competitor in the list of stars along with Amitabh Bacchan and Vinod Khanna who were dominating action films in that age. LP even got the filmfare award for the best composer for composition of Karz.

Himesh Reshamiya had taken a great challenge of playing the same role of Monty in the new version of Karzzz which was originally played by Rishi Kapoor. He had shown his skills in the field of singing and composing music as well. Simi Garewal’s role has been played by Urmila Matondkar in the new version of Karzzz. The name of the film had been enhanced with three z according to belief in numerology.

The music of the film had been impressive and had been appreciated by the listeners. But the biggest challenge in the film lies in Himesh Reshamiya replacing Rishi Kapoor in the same role. Firstly he is quite new in the field of acting inspite of being a successful singer and composer. Secondly the burden of pulling on the film lies on him as the story is hero-centric where other performers can only do justice to their own roles but cannot substantiate the hero’s performance.

The bigger problem is addressing the same audience who had seen the original film Karz who will definitely compare the new version with the old one. The viewers had not forgotten Subhash Ghai’s Karz and it has not lost its relevance even today. Shahrukh Khan had taken the risk of playing Big B’s role in the remake of the film Don and due to strong picturisation and use of Malaysian location with twist in the story had managed to make it successful. But all the other remakes of the successful films had been failures including Ram Gopal Verma Ki Aag where the viewers compared it with Sholay and rejected it.

Urmila Matondkar is a senior actress and exhibited the cruelty in the film very well. But Himesh Reshamiya’s performance could not match Rishi Kapoor’s performance in any way. From no angle of the camera Himesh Reshamiya looks like a hero. If that would have been the case the producers would have replaced him with the roles give to Sharukh Khan, Salman Khan, Hrithik Roshan, which they have not done. Secondly the role is such where the actor has to have glamour so that the fans get addicted towards him the way it happened with Rishi Kapoor in Subhash Ghai’s Karz. Even the greatest admirer of Himesh Reshamiya is not going to call him as a very handsome hero.

Lastly the music of the film had been appreciated, but it does not have the flavour which can create sensation across bollywood, so if the film becomes hit it will be one of the wonder of wonders.

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