Friday, October 10, 2008

Review of the film Hello

Review of the film Hello.

Whenever Salman Khan acts in any new film his huge fan club all across the world have special interest in respect of the film. His new film Hello has created lot of commotion even before being released due to those reasons.

In this film Shyam was a worker in Call Centre whose girl friend Priyanka started losing interest in him because his career was not having any direction. She was also working in the call centre.

Esha was a model and she was looking for a break. She got involved with a person named Vroom in the town. Radhika was housewife who also was included in the list of call agents. She was frustrated with her life as her in-laws and the family environment was problematic.

One day a call comes from a person who creates the condition that the story that was narrated had to be given final shape by the recipient of the call. The story was based on Tales from a Thousand and One globalizing, urban, Indian nights. The major part was played by Sharman Joshi in the role of Shyam. Gul Kirat Panag played the role of Priyanka. Isha Koppikar was impressive in the role of Esha.

Sohail Khan gave a decent performance in his role of Vroom. Amrita Arora played the role of Radhika very well in the film. Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif had guest appearance to the astonishment of their fans. Sajid Wajid’s music and Atul Agnihotri’s direction had created a special interest in the minds of the viewers.

The only problem is that these types of films had not done well in the Indian box-office previously. Nor is there any charishma on the part of any superstar which can surprise the viewers. There wont be any surprise if the film does satisfactory business as it does not have the elements which can bring it in the lists of superhits of 2008.

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