Friday, October 10, 2008

Review of kidnap

Review of Kidnap.

Kidnap is the new bollywood film of October which created a lot of interest in the minds of viewers. The main reason of the interest lied on the fact that Imran Khan, the relative of Amir Khan had shown his acting skills in an action film after being appreciated in a romantic film.

The story of Kidnap included the girl Sonia in her 18th birthday asking her mother Dr. Mallika to meet her daddy who was divorced by her mother and had not been seen by Sonia for 8 years. At the time when the divorce was given the custody of the daughter was given to the murder. She went out of the house and did not return. Dr. Mallika received the information from a kidnapper that Sonia had been kidnapped. The kidnapper did not want to even negotiate with Dr. Mallika and said the deal will be made with her father.

Due to compulsion Dr. Mallika had no other option but to bring back Mr. Vikrant (her husband) back to her life. He became a crorepati by that period of time and entering into a financial deal for his daughter was not a big deal for him.

Yet he was reluctant to pay the kidnapper and fulfil his terms and conditions. The film was related to the confrontation of the kidnapper with Mr. Vikrant. Sanjay Dutt was elegant in his role of Mr. Vikrant and he expressed the concern for the daughter very well. Minisha Lamba was impressive in the role of Sonia, the daughter although he did not have that much scope of acting in the film.

Imran Khan was brilliant in his role of the kidnapper and in his second film itself he had shown that he has acting potentiality and if required can perform in any type of role. Director Sanjay Gadhvi had maintained the suspense in the film and it was kept intact at every part of the film.

The film has all the elements of entertainment and will be successful. The viewers can enjoy a thriller in the festival period.

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