Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Review of the film A Wednesday

Review of the film A Wednesday.

Nasiruddin Shah had been an institution by himself for the last 30 years and bollywood films had been enriched with his versatile performances both in commercial ventures and parallel cinema. The film A Wednesday is another film where he had showed his immense maturity in performing in character roles which created the suspense in the film.

The film was related to the events that took place between a period of time on a Wednesday. The Commissioner of Police played by Anupam Kher had been informed by a stranger played by Nasiruddin Shah about the existence of bombs which could create havoc in Bombay. He asked him to release four terrorists whose release can save the life of numerous innocent persons and damage to property.

When Anupam Kher found one of the bombs in front of the police station his doubts got transformed into convincing evidence and he acted upon it. He took the help of a young hacker to trace the telephone caller.

Ultimately he decided to hand over the militants to the Caller. They were handed over by Jimmy Shergill and Amir Bashir. There was strong performance from Anupam Kher and Jimmy Shergill also. Director Neeraj Pandey had maintained the suspense at every part of the film.

Nasirrudin Shah, the common man, then killed the terrorists. He was sick of living with terror. Anupam Kher understood his feelings and destroyed all the evidence of the events as he thought it was done with bonafide motive.

Although serious subject matters hardly get appreciated these days because people require readymade entertainment like take-home food, the film will be successful. It has provided innovative subject matter and the powerful direction and strong performances of Nasir and Anupam Kher should be acknowledged.

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