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Celina Jaitley – the enthusiastic performer of bollywood.

Celina Jaitley – the enthusiastic performer of bollywood

Celina Jaitley
Celina Jaitley had shown her acting capability in the various films she had acted in her short career. She created her first impression in the fashion world and was crowned Miss India 2001.

She acted in the film Khel in 2003, but created an impression with her performance in the film No Entry opposite Fardeen Khan. The big celebrities of bollywood played important roles in the film including Anil Kapoor, Lara Dutta, Salman Khan, Esha Deol, etc.

Celina Jaitley played the role of a girl who had an affair with Fardeen Khan, but whenever the relationship was strengthened by the intervention of Anil Kapoor, the presence of Bipasha Bahu, a club dancer spoilt everything. Anil Kapoor had to tell lies to Lara Dutta, that she was Fardeen Khan’s wife. Celina Jaitley was told that she was Anil Kapoor’s wife.
Celina Jaitley
When they went abroad to enjoy their honeymoon, the truth was unfolded and Lara Dutta, Esha Deol, Celina Jaitley filed divorce suits against their husbands. Salman Khan came back from foreign country and solved the problem. Celina Jaitley kept her mark among all the leading stars.

In Apna Sapna Money Money, she was sent by Jaickie Shroff and his gang to get the treasure that was hidden in a sandle which was used by Ritesh Deshmukh at one point of time. That film also was a serio-comic venture and in the search of the treasure difernt entities got involved including Anupam Kher, Jackie Shroff, Sunil Shetty, etc.

The other films where she had played notable roles include Zinda; where Lara Dutta also did well, Tom, Dick and Harry; and Heyy Babyy. Til now, the roles of Celina Jaitley, had featured young stylish characters.

Celina Jaitley
With numerous numbers of actresses facing strong competition in bollywood films, Celina Jaitley should show her variation in acting if she has to cement her position in bollywood films. The viewers expect her to do well in future.

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