Monday, June 30, 2008

IIFA awards 2008

IIFA awards 2008.

IIFA awards 2008
The International Indian film Academy (IIFA) awards, 2008, were presented in a colourful evening in Bankok this year. Awards were given for different categories of Indian films including best composer award, technical awards, best actor, actress awards, etc.

Very significantly the award winners were the same celebrities who won the filmfare awards for their achievements in the year. AR Rehman received the best composer award for his music composition in the film Guru. He had received around 7 filmfare awards by this time and is looking forward of breaking the record of Shankar Jaikishan for receiving 8 filmfare awards.

IIFA awards 2008Shahrukh Khan won the best actor award for his performance in the film Chakde India and Kareena Kapoor won best actress award for her performance in the film Jab We Met. Konkona Sen Sharma won the best supporting actress award for her performance in Life in a Metro. Chak De India got the award for the best film of the year. Govinda won the best comedian award for his performance in Partner.

There is a trend of bollywood awards in the last few years that the same actors and actresses have got these awards one after the other. Shahrukh Khan had been getting the awards one after the other. There is a question mark in the minds of many viewers that why cant god actors, actresses or singers, composers, fail to receive even a single award for their good performance.

IIFA awards 2008
For example, Shahid Kapoor received nothing for his performance in Jab We Met. Amir Khan’s film Tare Zameen Par could have received the best film award. It has been the tradition for the last 50 years. On one hand composers like Madanmohan, Ghulam Mohammad did not receive any filmfare award, Dharmender, Jeetender did not receive any best actor award, on the other hand few actors, actresses, composers, directors got the award many times.

IIFA should break the trend and judge the best performance independently and encourage and motivate new talents in the industry.


Anonymous said...

i totally agree with that! other ppl shud get a chance too and i dont think its fair that one person only gets it. there are other good movies out there with good actors and actresses and they are just as deserving of the award as the ppl who get it every year, ie srk. I love srk but i love aamir n other actors too n i think taare zameen par was by far the best movie as well as aamir khan shud of gotten the award for the best actor. its time they give awards to other ppl n acknowledge their hard work and achievements as well

Crazy on Bollywood said...

Really Chak De is a very good movie and we are lucky to see SRK in the lead role with out any overact. Normally SRK does all things superbly except acting.I find a joker in every character played by him bcoz of his overacting.But believe me I appreciate his performance in the movie Chak De.If i would be the judge to choose the best film of the year,surely my vote would go for the worth watching movie TZP.ietimesagra

Souvik Chatterji said...

I agree with the views of the critics in appreciating the work of Shahrukh Khan in Chak De India. What I mean is that if there are no second best or third best award given in IIFA or Filmfare, many performers in different categories never get rewarded. Sonu Nigam had sung very challenging songs over the last 3, 4 years but hardly got rewarded for them.
Souvik Chatterji.

Anonymous said...

although ppl like shahrukh are good actors other ppl like shahid shud get the awards. they shud also feel that ppl like their part in the films as well as other ppl.tare zameen par was a great film and aamir shud of definetly got the best actor award. he played his role amazingly. ppl shud reconise the hard work that ppl do even if they aren't the most known. the actors or actresses shud be awarded for their achievement.

Anonymous said...

agreed. although shahrukh is a great actor and all his films are really good other actors and actresses shud be reconised for their hard work. shahid didn't get a award for jab we met and kareena did. it's totally unfair. even aamir didn't get an award for best actor in tare zammen par and he played a great role which again ppl haven't reconised. them actors ust be really sad tat they did'nt get the awards.