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Pradeep Kumar – the legendary actor of 60s.

Pradeep Kumar – the legendary actor of 60s.

Pradeep Kumar
Pradeep Kumar is one of the legendary actors, who had glorified bollywood and tollywood films during the 40s, 50s and 60s. He impressed the Bengali audience in films like Biyallish, Dasshumohan, Grihadaha, etc, some having patriotic feeling embedded them, the others based on classical Bengali literature.

When he went to Bombay, producers and directors could not ignore his majestic personality and did cast him in historical characters which required elegance. He made a significant impact on the audience in the film Anandmath, along with Prithviraj Kapoor and Bharat Bhushan. In Anarkali, he displayed the royal style of acting during the mughal period opposite Beena Rai, who played the role of anarkali. His other film Nagin, opposite Vaijayantimala was also successful.

In the 60s, he acted in musical blockbusters, one after the other, starting with Aarti, opposite Meena Kumari. The songs composed by Roshan and sung by Rafi and Lata were masterpieces, including “aapne yaad dilaya to mujhe yaad aya”, “ab kya missal doon mai tumhare shabab ki”, “baharon ki manzil rahi”, to name a few.

Pradeep Kumar
He had a screen presence which resembled Shahjahan, and the get up was exploited in the film Taj Mahal, 1963, where his performance was excellent. He displayed the royal form of lifestyle existing during the historical age and his lips in the songs of Rafi, composed by Roshan was marvellous, including songs like “paon chulene do phulon ko inayat hogi”, “jo wada kiya ho nibhana parega”, etc. The love of the monarch towards poetry, ghazals, architecture and beauty was well exhibited by Pradeep Kumar, and critics say that there was no second actor who could depict the character in the same manner as Pradeep Kumar.

Apart from historical films, Pradeep Kumar also showed his excellence in social films like Bheegi Raat and Bahu Begum opposite Meena Kumari and Ashok Kumar. The films involved triangular affairs, where one person had to sacrifice his affection for the other friend, which was done both these films by Ashok Kumar. But Pradeep Kumar played the role of decent individual in these films, who felt the emotions of Meena Kumari and ultimately was admired by the audience. The songs in these films like “dil jo na keh saka”, “jane who kaun hai, kya naam hai in ankhoka”, “hum intezer karenge tera qayamat tak”, “duniya kare sawal”, were some of the songs composed by Roshan in these films, which were the best creations ever in the history of bollywood music.

His films Chitralekha, opposite Meena Kumari, Rajhath opposite Madhubala, Adalat, opposite Nargis, Meri Surat Teri Anken, opposite Asha Parekh, also showed his depth of acting. Notable songs in these films include “man re to kahe na dheer dhare”, “saze dil cher de”, etc. He was probably one of the most majestic actors ever to grace bollywood, and even being a Bengali, he did not find it difficult to pronounce urdu dialogues whenever required in the historical classics. It is difficult to mention his performance in the films he has acted because his presence was felt for more than 30 years and he acted with all the leading actresses of that age. The Television channels should held Retrospectives on the legend to educate the new generation about royal style of acting.

Article By: CR Chatterji.


Rumi said...

Pradeep Kumar is one f the most handsome heroes of the golden age.He was sublime in Ek Jhalak, Jagte Raho and Taj Mahal. Viewers became nostalgic towards Shahjahan for his performance. Roshan's compositions in his films were melodious having best performances of Rafi and Lata.
Rumi Chatterji.

Souvik Chatterji said...

Pradeep Kumar had matched Uttamkumar in his performance in the bengali film Grihadaha opposite Suchitra Sen in 1967. He acted as an ani-hero in a story of Sarat Chandra Chatterji and balanced his screen presence with stron performance in the film
Souvik Chatterji

Anonymous said...

Sir, i have seen many films of pradeep kumar including Taj Mahal and can never forget the songs composed by Roshan. But i am sorry to say that sri Rajesh Roshan could never compose a song equivalent to that of his father.' Nobody will forget songs of Tajmahal till he is alive and can not forget the songs.Mr Rajesh Roshan is requested to compose few songs to prove that he is worthy son of worty father. i appreciate rajesh also but not to the extent of Mr Roshan who was a suprb composer

pmc said...

It is sad to say that bollywood is full of sycophants and groupism. Pradeep Kumar has been the victim of this and I am appalled to note that media has never given him the due credit this eternal Baadshah which only he could play all his life till Razia Sultan. No one even comes closer to him in that regard. He was a complete gentleman with a plain heart. He was a true actor devoid of any typical mannerism in his acting. It was not a joke to share the film with the likes of Ashok Kumar who himself was a legend in his own right. Rafi lent his best songs to Pradeep Kumar be it Bhhegi Raat, Taj Mahal, Bahu Begum, Aarti to name a few. He never interfered with the story line or with the director for that matter. He paired with all the leading ladies of his time and all the leading studios used to cast him in their projects. Great actor and a greator human being.

Unknown said...

The word suave really describes Pradeep Kumar. Such a regal presence is lacking in todays film star. He was fortunate that most of his films music were composed by Roshan and Madan Mohan, two melodious music directors. He and Meena Kumari shared fantastic chemistry in their movies. They were a delight to watch. How I miss both of them. Some of the TV channels should have a retrospective programe on him. Thanks for uploading information about him.

Souvik-indrajalik said...

Pradip Kumar matched his royal screen presence with his brilliant acting. Even being a bengali his urdu intonation was brilliant. Most of his films were masterpieces.
Souvik Chatterji.

Anonymous said...

Pradeep kumar was the most handsome and beautiful actor. Younger generation should really learn from him. Great actor...god may bless his soul