Friday, March 21, 2014

Deboshree Roy stormed Zee Bangla Dance Bangla Dance Program.

Deboshree Roy had stormed Zee Bangla Dance Bangla Dance Program. On 20th March, 2014, Deb, better known as Deepak Adhikari invited Bengali superstar Deboshree Roy in the program Zee Bangla Dance Bangla Dance. Deboshree Roy had been known for her excellent dancing skills over the years. On the request of Deb she danced in her famous song “ami kolkatar roshogolla”. Everyone in the show including the judges Nusrat Jahan, Jogesh Patkar and Malabika Sen appreciated the great performance of Deboshree Roy. Even the anchor Vicky stood up and gave standing gratitude. Deb asked Deboshree Roy what was the change she found in respect of music and dance in Bengali films in the 1980s and the present period. She said during her times dance was related to a lot of expression. There were different art forms expressed by dance movements. The music of Bengali films was richer in those days with a lot of melody. That is missing these days. There had been one improvement. In her times shooting used to take place in Mumbai. On the other hand today majority of shooting is done abroad in exotic locations of Thailand, Malaysia, Italy and many other countries. But the music is too loud. Deb asked her who is her favourite actress of present period? She said she liked everyone. She also said that as she is anchoring Zee Bangla Didi No. 1 Program for a long time, whenever the child contestants in her program are asked about their favourite actor all of them take the name of Deb. Deb also asked her to sing a song knowing that she is also a good singer. She sang her song from the film Bhalobasha Bhalobasha. The song was titled “joto bhabna chilo, joto swopno chilo sob dilam tomay ami dilam tomay”. It was a Tarun Majumdar film with Deboshree Roy in the lead cast opposite Tapas Pal. In the early 1980s, the film ended up being super hit. Majority of the contestants danced in the song numbers of films of Deboshree Roy. Deboshree Roy appreciated all of them and gave her best wishes to Deb for anchoring such a beautiful show.

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