Thursday, March 13, 2014

Malabika Sen, Jojo, Madhumanti Maitra and others stormed Zee Bangla Didi No. 1 Program.

Malabika Sen, Jojo, Madhumanti Maitra and others stormed Zee Bangla Didi No. 1 Program. On the 100th episode of Zee Bangla Didi No. I Program, Deboshree Roy invited celebrities like Malabika Sen, Jojo, Madhumanti Maitra and Chaiti Ghoshal in the show. All the celebrities were handled cordially by Deboshree Roy. In the second round singer Aneek asked musical questions to the celebrities. Aneek sang Manna Dey’s famous songs “sei to abar kache ele”. Then he asked Chaiti Ghoshal to sing a song of Gupi Gayin Bagha Bayin series. He sang the song “aha ki ananda akashe batashe”. Chaiti Ghoshal sang the song “maharaja tomare selam”. For jojo he presented the request of singing a song full of energy. Jojo herself was a singer. So it was easy for her. Madhumanti Maitra showed a skit relating to her announcement commitments which took place in Science City, when the anchor mis-pronounced majority of words. Malabika Sen acted out the part of the actor and actress of the 1930s. She made everyone laugh. Aneek sang Mohammad Rafi’s song “dil jo na keh saka” with absolute elegance. In the third round Jojo answered maximum number of answers. In the clue box there was a clipping shown where there were pictures of ilish fish, pona fish, chingri fish and picture of Usha Utthup. Jojo caught the clue and sang the song “ilish macher paturi, pona macher kaliya, chingri macher malaikari debo ami radhiya, amaye koro biya”. It was a hit song of Usha Utthup. Jojo sang it with style. At the end of the show, Jojo gave maximum number of answers and became Didi No. 1. Deboshree Roy cut the cake for 100 episode celebration of Zee Bangla Didi No. 1 and gave the slice of the cake to Jojo, Malabika Sen, Chaiti Ghoshal and Madhumanti Maitra.

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