Saturday, February 8, 2014

Sriradha Banerjee, Srabonti Majumdar and others stormed Zee Bangla Didi No. 1 Program.

Sriradha Banerjee, Srabonti Majumdar and others stormed Zee Bangla Didi No. 1 Program. On 7th February, 2014, Deboshree Roy invited the eminent singers of the golden age to the Zee Bangla Didi No. 1 Program. The celebrities who were invited included Sriradha Banerjee, Srabonti Majumdar, Haimanti Shukla and Pratibha Mukherjee. Deboshree Roy asked Srabonti Majumdar about any notable experience. She was very famous during the 1970s. Her duet song with Hemanta Mukherjee titled “aye khuku aye” really created sensation. It was a song related to the loving relationship of a father with his daughter. Srabonti Majumdar also created sensation with her duet song with Sandhya Mukherjee titled “tumi aamar ma, ami tomar meye, bolo nako ki peyecho amay kache peye”. This song talked about the sweet relationship of a daughter with her mother. She was a great announcer and anchor of All India Radio during the 1970s. She said one of her fans from England wrote a letter congratulating her for brilliant announcements but never knew her address. So she posted the letter in the address of All India Radio. Deboshree Roy asked Sriradha Banerjee about her experiences. She said that her husband was a great cook. That was the reason she never learned any cooking. Once she went in a show where the audience were throwing cucumbers and tomatoes. She continued singing because the action of the audiences were not due to bad performance but enthusiasm of the audience. Haimanti Shukla talked about her experiences also. One fan of her was a fish-seller. She went to the fish market in Gariahat. The fan came to her car and did a pronam by touching her feet. It really touched her heart. All the singers sang their famous songs. Haimanti Shukla sang “emon shapno kokhono dekhini age”. Pratibha Mukherjee sang “kya karun sajni”. In the musical round, Antara Choudhury, the daughter of great composer Salil Choudhury asked musical questions to the legendary singers. She sang the song “rajanigandha”, “biswapita tumi he prabhu” and other songs. The giant singers replied her with their songs. At the end of the show, Sriradha Banerjee gave maximum correct answers and became Didi No. 1 and won all the prizes. Deboshree Roy paid huge amount of respect to the veteran singers.

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