Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Imon Chatterjee, Rahul Bardhan and others stormed Zee Bangla Dadagiri Program.

Imon Chatterjee, Rahul Bardhan and others stormed Zee Bangla Dadagiri Program. On 17th February, 2014, Sourav Ganguly invited celebrities in Zee Bangla Dadagiri Program with their husbands or wives. Some of the celebrities included Sumit Ganguly and his wife, Imon Chatterjee and his wife, Rahul Bardhan and his wife, great cook Shukla Mukherjee and her husband, Swaralipi Chatterjee and her husband. Sourav Ganguly asked the background of Imon Chatterjee’s wife. She said her background was Howrah, and her father had a transferable job. She travelled to China with her father. Imon Chatterjee sang song with his guitar. Swaralipi Chatterjee talked about a Food shop she opened with her husband. She named all the dishes in her shop in the name of Satyajit Ray’s Feluda stories. Incidentally Feluda, a fiction character and a detective, used to stay in Rajani Sen street. Sourav Ganguly asked Rahul Bardhan about his serial acting and film acting. He acted in the popular Bengali serial Ganshar Bibah, which was written by Bibhutibhushan Mukherjee. He played the character of Trilochan or Tilu. Shukla Mukherjee was considered kitchen queen at one time. She had written books relating to preparation of different dishes. Presently she also comes in Sudipa Mukherjee’s popular Bengali show Zee Bangla Rannaghar to teach new food dishes. Sourav Ganguly in the Bapi Bari Jaa round asked the question, which two Bengali celebrities recently won Padmashree Awards. The answer was Sabitri Chatterjee and Supriya Debi. In the slog over round, Imon Chatterjee answered the maximum number of questions. He also scored the fastest fifty and won the cash prize for scoring that point. The program ended with Imon Chatterjee’s song.

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