Monday, February 18, 2013

Success of Pooja Batra in the 90s.

Pooja Batra made a very impressive entry in bollywood films in the 90s. Her success in the fashion industry attracted producers and directors of that period. She got very landmark roles like the one in the film Virasat. She played the role of the girlfriend of Anil Kapoor, who returned from US and tried to adjust herself in the rural environment of the village where Anil Kapoor lived. But all of a sudden his father Amrish Puri died, and Anil Kapoor had to take charge of the administrative duties and for those reasons Pooja Batra returned back to US. The short role of Pooja Batra was very impressive. In Sunil Shetty’s Bhai, Pooja Batra got a serious role. She taught Sunil Shetty’s brother, who got killed by miscreants. Even her father Om Puri, the lawyer in the film got killed. Pooja Batra married Sunil Shetty, after he became the leader of deprived people of the locality. Although the film was action based, the performance of Pooja Batra was as impressive as Sonali Bendre who also had attachment towards Sunil Shetty. Pooja Batra was sublime as assistant reporter in Anil Kapoor’s film Nayak. Anil Kapoor was a reporter in the film who was asked to take the interview of Amrish Puri, who played the role of the Chief Minister of Maharastra. Anil Kapoor asked very bold questions and showed the statistics relating to the performance of the respective ministry. It was poor and required introspection. Amrish Puri gave him the challenge of bringing in reforms within one day and by passing an ordinance handed over the chair of CM to Anil Kapoor. In one day Anil Kapoor arrested the wrongdoers, brought cases against unlawful businessmen and created sensation in the state. Pooa Batra assisted him in his work along with Paresh Rawal. Although Rani Mukherjee was the main actress in the film, Pooja Batra’s role was equally important. To everyone’s surprise Pooja Batra left films in the late 90s, when she looked the most matured. The viewers still feel that lot of acting is left in her and she should make a comeback in character roles in future.

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