Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sadhna and Manoj Kumar were excellent in the film Anita.

Sadhna, Manoj Kumar Anita Director Raj Khosla created three films on crime-thrillers in India. The first was Wo Kaun Thi in 1964, the next one was Mera Saya in 1966, and the last one was Anita in 1967. In all the films Sadhna played the major character. The film Anita was produced and directed by Raj Khosla. The music of the film was composed by Laxmikant Pyarellal. In the film Sajjan showed the horoscope of his daughter Sadhna to an astrologer who told that she was going to face horrid times. Manoj Kumar loved Sadhna. But Sajjan wanted to get her married to Kishen Mehta. Kishen Mehta killed his ex-girl friend and then used the dress of Sadhna to cover her and threw the body in a pond. Sajjan identified it and everyone came to know that Sadhna committed suicide. But when Manoj Kumar got transferred to New Delhi, he got a letter from Sadhna asking for help. He met Kishen Mehta who showed a photo of Sadhna and said that she had split personality. Manoj Kumar was sent to a painter IS Johar. He also said the same thing. Manoj Kumar went in a vacation and saw Sadhna as jogan. He also met her in a train and by the time the train entered a tunnel, Sadhna disappeared. At the end of the film, Manoj Kumar came to know that Kishen Mehta kidnapped Sadhna and Sajjan and used them in his own way. IS Johar also told lies under instruction from Kishen Mehta. Manoj Kumar freed Sadhna at the end of the film. The music of Laxmikant Pyarellel was impressive. Mukesh’s song “tum bin jeevan kaise beeten” became hit. But the fear element that existed in the film Wo Kaun Thi was missing in Anita. Manoj Kumar, Sadhna and Sajjan acted well. But the thrilling storyline in Wo Kaun Thi was missing in Anita and the film did mediocre business. The film should be restored to show Raj Khosla’s hard work in crime-thriller films.

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