Thursday, July 19, 2012

Piranha 3D created extreme horror effect.

Kelly Brooke, Piranha 3D
Piranha 3D

Piranha 3D created extreme horror effect. The Hollywood film Piranha 3D created extreme horror effect. The film had been directed by Alexandre Aja. It had been produced by Alexandre Aja, Mark Canton, Marc Toberoff and Gregory Levasseur. It was shown in the film that Richard Dreyfuss was fishing in Lake Victoria in Arizona, USA. An earthquake took place and the bed of the lake was split. A whirlpool was formed. He fell and a group of Piranhas killed him. Elisabeth Shue played the role of a Sheriff in the place. She asked her son Steven Mcqueen to look after her small children Brooklyn Proulx and Sage Ryan at home. She had her duty near the lake. He said yes but got carried away. He went to remote places in Lake Victoria with a photographer Jerry O Connell. Kelly Brook and Jessica Szohr also went with them. In the mean time Brooklyn and Sage came out of the house and went to Lake Victoria and fell in danger. Elizabeth Shue took a group of divers and discovered the existence of Piranhas. She caught one Piranha and broke before a marine biologist named Christopher Lloyd. She took a team of officers and asked the youth in Lake Victoria to evacuate the lake. They did not listen to her. Adam Scott helped her. Half of the swimmers were killed by Piranhas and most of the Piranhas were shot down. Adam Scott and Elisabeth Shue went and rescued the group of persons in the boat named Barracuda. With the help of bursting the propane tank many Piranhas were killed in the waters. Then a phone call came from Lloyd saying that the Piranhas that were killed were the children. Their reproductive organs had not developed. So the parents were alive. Adam Scott was killed at the end of the film by an adult Piranha. Elisabeth Shue, Adam Scott and Steven Mcqueen was excellent in their performances. The photography was brilliant. The film did decent business also. Viewers should watch the film.

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