Thursday, October 8, 2009

Utpal Dutt was unparallel in Bikele Bhorer Phool.

Utpal Dutt was unparallel in Bikele Bhorer Phool.

Utpal Dutt was unparallel in the film Bikele Bhorer Phool. Eminent director Pijush Bose directed the film in 1973 and it was a very successful film of Uttam Kumar.

The story of writer Samaresh Bose in the film was related to the love story of a young girl played by Sumitra Mukherjee with an old novelist Uttam Kumar. Uttam Kumar at the end of the film convinced Sumitra Mukherjee that he was too old and the difference of age stood in the way of their romance, so the relationship could not go in any other direction.

Utpal Dutt played the role of a District Magistrate in the film who met Uttam Kumar, the novelist in Digha when he went for a holiday. Utpal Dutt did not have any children and he loved children a lot.

When he was called by the female group of students in their hotel for giving a lecture, he addressed all of them as mothers. The girls laughed a lot. Then he sang a song with the lyrics “ma howa ki mukher kotha” in the most hilarious way that was possible. He wanted to prove that it was not easy to be a mother.

He being a DM, had other official duties. But when he spent time to write poems then the poems were all dedicated towards children. Uttam Kumar was moved by his performance.

Utpal Dutt, having a grand experience of acting in theatre, especially in Minerva Theatre in Kolkata, used to create a great impression even in films where his roles were short. His voice modulation and use of the eyes created a separate identity for which the legendary directors like Satyajit Ray, Ajoy Kar, Tarun Majumdar reposed confidence on him.

His performance in Bikele Bhorer Phool created added attraction for the viewers for which the film should be restored.

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