Thursday, October 29, 2009

Blue did not get the opening it expected.

Blue did not get the opening it expected.

The film Blue was expected to be the year’s greatest blockbuster with crores and crores of money being invested behind the film. While the film All the best ended up being super hit, Blue received a very mediocre response.

Director Anthony D Souza got inspired by Hollywood films Jaws and The Deep and made a film related to underwater life. There was treasure hidden underneath the sea, which the three friends Sanjay Dutt, Akshay Kumar and Zaid Khan tried to find.

Lara Dutta’s efforts in learning scuva diving had gone in vain. She had taken very daring stunts in the film Blue. She had learned underwater diving and showed the skills in the film. Even Akshay Kumar’s acrobatic stunts had gone in vain.

The main reasons for the film not doing going business is related to the negative attitude of the audience towards action films. Besides the Indian audience had not been matured enough to embrace adventurous films.

The failure of the film will have no impact on the career of Sanjay Dutt and Akshay Kumar. Sanjay Dutt already got a hit film this year that is All the Best. Akshay Kumar can cover up the loss with his next film De Dana Dan.

The major impact of the film lies on the career of Lara Dutta. She did not get the recognition for her hit films. This time when she had really performed with her physical fitness, her effort had also gone in vain.

Whatever may be the box-office report of the film, the camera work of the film had been excellent and can influence other filmmakers in making daring films in future.

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