Friday, May 12, 2017

Film Boss was promoted by Jeet and Subhashree in Zee Bangla Mirakkel Program.

Superstar Jeet and Subhashree stormed Zee Bangla Mirakkel Program. Superstar Jeet and actress Subhashree came to the Zee Bangla Mirakkel Program on 8th August and stole the show. They gave for the promotion of their new film Boss that is release this week at the time of Eid. Actress Subhashree had been every successful opposite the other Bengali superstar Deb. The anchor Mir Afsar Ali greeted Jeet and Subhashree well in the show. They were greeted by the judges as well Paran Banerjee, Rajatavo Dutta and Srilekha Mitra as well. The mentors Dr. Krishnendu, Sourav Paludi, Subhadeep and Arnab gave a special performance related to a court scene. All four of them represented the public prosecutor, the accused, the judge and the investigating police officer. Sourav played the character of the thief (the accused), Dr. Krishnendu played the character of the Public Prosecutor, Arnab played the character of the investigating officer while Subhadeep played the character of the judge. It was an awesome performance full of wit. Subhashis Mukherjee gave a hilarious presentation of parody with Palash Adhikari and Sangeet Tiwari. He played the character of singer Tansen. Palash Adhikari played the character of Emperor Akbar, while Sangeet Tiwari played the character of comedian Birbal. Subhash Mukherjee cleverly used the songs of films of superstar Jeet, changed the lyrics and fitted them in the context of the play. All of them did a great job. Both Jeet and Subhashree then came up on the stage and showed few steps related to the new songs of the film Boss. One of the judges Rajatavo Dutta had played the character of villain in the film Boss opposite Jeet. The other performers like Tapadyuti Dutta, Zameel Hussain, and others also did well. The elimination in the competition had started and one contestant is eliminated in every show.

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