Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Last year Dulal Lahiri and Dwijen Banerjee came with their wives in Tumi Je Amar.

Dulal Lahiri, his wife, Dwijen Banerjee and others stormed Zee Bangla Tumi Je Amar. On 22nd April, 2014, Prasenjit Chatterjee and Rachana Banerjee, the anchors of the program Zee Bangla Tumi Je Amar, invited a number of celebrities with their wives. The celebrities included Gautambabu and his wife, Dulal Lahiri and his wife, Dwijen Banerjee and his wife, and others. There were a number of rounds in the show including Saat Pake Bandha round, Kalratri round, Fulsojja round, etc. In the Kalratri round, three songs were played before Dulal Lahiri. All the 3 songs were related to royal Bengal jalsha, including Manna Dey’s song “behag Jodi na hoy raji” in Uttam Kumar’s film Dui Purush, Manna Dey’s song “hajar takar jharbatita” in Uttam Kumar’s film Stree, and Manna Dey’s song “kaharba noy dadra bajao” in Uttam Kumar’s film Sanyasi Raja. Both Dulal Lahiri and his wife chose “behag Jodi na hoy raji”. Prasenjit Chatterjee and Rachana Banerjee asked Dulal Lahiri’s wife, isn’t she sick of seeing her husband playing villainish roles one after the other for the last 30 years in Bengali films. She said she was used to it, but Dulal Lahiri’s mother used to feel bad whenever the hero was supposed to beat Dulal Lahiri in the films. 3 scenes from the films of Prasenjit Chatterjee were shown. Dulal Lahiri and his wife were asked which one out of them would Dulal Lahiri want to act in. He said the film was Bikram Singha. Gautambabu’s wife was asked which shirt he did wear when he first came to see her. She said it was a blue shirt which was a right answer. Dwijen Banerjee and his wife were also asked about their experiences of married life. In the Foolsajja round, all the husbands were send to a golokdhanda (bhoolbhulaiya) from where they had to bring an ornament for their wives. They faced all the actors in the that golokdhanda, including Subhashish Mukherjee, Palash Adhikari, Fatik Purokayet and others. Prasenjit Chatterjee and Rachana Banerjee handled the celebrities very well.

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