Monday, May 2, 2016

Kanchan Mallick and his wife, Haranath Chakravarty and his wife came in Zee Bangla Tumi Je Amar Program.

Kanchan Mullick, Madhumanti Maitra, Haranath Chakravarty stormed Zee Bangla Tumi Je Amar. On 7th May, 2014, Prasenjit Chatterjee and Rachana Banerjee brought celebrities in the show Zee Bangla Tumi Je Amar. The celebrities included Kanchan Mallick and his wife Pinki, Haranath Chakravarty and his wife Rajashri, Ashok Viswanathan and his wife Madhumanti Maitra and Shamik Sinha and his wife. Shamik Sinha came with his guitar. He was asked by Prasenjit Chatterjee and Rachana Banerjee to sing his song “ami je bibahito”. In the song he had mentioned about the bad effects of marriage. Then he was asked whether he composed the song after knowing the ill-effects after marrying his wife. He then said it was a satire. Kanchan Mallick called his wife Anarkali. He was a thin and lanky person. Prasenjit Chatterjee brought a weight machine and measured his weight. It came to 53 kilograms. His wife Pinky was asked about his weight. She said it was between 51 to 55 kgs. It was a right answered. She in fact lifted her husband in her lap. Madhumanti Maitra said a beautiful poetry in the show. Both she and her husband were part of the cultural events in Bengal. Madhumanti was a news reader in Bengali channels for a long time. Ashok Viswanathan was the son of noted actor N Viswanathan and also directed intellectual Bengali films like Shunyo theke Shuru. Haranath Chakravarty directed many films of Prasenjit Chatterjee. He also acknowledged the co-operation and assistance of Prasenjit Chatterjee who acted in his films like Shahurbari Zindabad. Prasenjit Chatterjee also said that during shooting, food came from the house of Haranath Chakravarty and their relationship was almost like brothers. At the end of the show Kanchan Mullick and his wife Pinki who gave maximum right answers and also brought ornament from his wife from the golokdhanda facing Palash Adhikari, Subhashis Mukherjee, Fatik Adhikari and others in the shortest time became the champion. Prasenjit Chatterjee and Rachana Banerjee anchored the program in style.

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