Friday, April 17, 2015

Deboshree Roy stormed Zee Bangla Happy Parents Day program.

Deboshree Roy stormed Zee Bangla Happy Parents Day program. On 16th April, 2015, renowned Bengali actress and MLA Deboshree Roy was invited in the show Zee Bangla Happy Parents Day along with her mother and sisters. The scheme of the program is related to answering relevant questions. Based on the answers the contestants are given prizes which are related to the wishes for the parents. Deboshree Roy placed very elementary wishes. She wished a Mobile Phone for her mother. She wished some funding for her Charitable Association which are catered to building old age homes and caring for the animals including dogs. She wished for funding for ayurvedic treatment of her mother. Mr Halder, the anchor of the program asked different questions to Deboshree Roy. Deboshree said that from childhood she and her sisters were able dancers and performed in many jalshas in Kolkata. Her mother used to take them. She said her sister was mischievous during childhood. One day she kept the shoes of her home tutor away. He could not find the shoes. She talked also about her other sister Krishna Mukherjee, the mother of Bollywood actress Rani Mukherjee. She asked one question using the helpline with Krishna Mukherjee. It was related to a clipping shown asking for the name of the festival. Krishna Mukherjee said it was called Buri Parwa in Marathi. Deboshree Roy informed everyone about Krishna Mukherjee. She said Krishna Mukherjee was a successful singer and she sang duet songs with Mohammad Rafi in international shows in the 1970s. Deboshree Roy also said that her mother learned singing from Shyamal Mitra. She said her mother liked Bengali films a lot. She used to take money from her father to attend the matinee shows of Bengali films of the golden age. A question was asked about the ingredients of cooking Hilsa or Ilish. Deboshree Roy gave the right answer in respect of the spices given including posto or poppy seeds, mustard oil, salt, turmeric, etc. Deboshree gave all correct answers and all her wishes were fulfilled. Debshankar Halder anchored the program extremely well.

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