Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Rathijit, Trijoy, Suman and others stormed Zee Bangla Tumi Je Amar.

Rathijit, Trijoy, Suman and others stormed Zee Bangla Tumi Je Amar. On 12th May, 2014, Prasenjit Chatterjee and Rachana Banerjee invited singing couples to Zee Bangla Tumi Je Amar Program. The celebrities included Rathijit Bhattacharya and his wife Shreya, Trijoy and his wife, Suman and his wife and others. In the second round, Satish told Prasenjit Chatterjee that he had sung the song “dhin tak tak chika chika’ from Prasenjit Chatterjee’s film Bikramsingha in Zee Bangla Saregamapa Program. So he sang the song and asked Prasenjit Chatterjee to dance in the song. He also brought his small daughter in the program. In the second round, Rathijit Bhattacharya was asked among 3 songs that were played which one he and his wife would have like if they went for a holiday tour. He liked the song “hum dono do premi duniya chor chale”. His wife also selected the same song. Rathijit’s wife was a good cook. He was asked which dish of his wife he liked the most. He said it was chicken stew. Satish was asked which was the food that he prepared in breakfast? He said it was Maggie. His wife also said the same thing. Satish was shown three types of soft toys and asked which one would his wife like if he would have given them as a gift. He picked up a pink soft toy. In the golokdhanda round, all the four couples had to go in the bhoolbhulaiya and face the interaction with Palash Adhikari, Fatik Purokayet, Shubhashis Mukherjee and others. In the program Ankush and Shubhoshree came to promote their new Bengali film Ami Shudhu Cheyechi Tomay. Both of them danced in the title song of the same film. Prasenjit Chatterjee admitted that Ankush is one of the best dancers of the Bengali industry at the moment. Both of them told the story of the film Ami Shudhu Cheyechi Tomay.

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