Thursday, January 23, 2014

Amir Khan was excellent in Dhoom 3.

Amir Khan was excellent in Dhoom 3. Amir Khan is one of the Indian actors who had created special attention amongst his fans for signing meaningful films. When he signed Dhoom 3 many viewers raised their eyebrows, how come an actor of the stature of Amir Khan signed such a masala film. But when the same viewers came out of the halls seeing the film they had different opinion. Amir Khan played a double role in the film. Both were the sons of magician Jackie Shroff. He showed his skills in Great Indian circus in a hall in Chicago. But due to the failure of western bank of Chicago to allow the circus to go on and Jackie Shroff could repay the loan. The Bank Manager did not agree and Jackie Shroff committed suicide in front of the manager. Amir Khan and his brother grew up and took revenge by robbing different branches of Western Bank of Chicago. His twin brother looked identical. He was used by elder brother Sahir whenever he required to do a trick and also to do the acrobatic stunts. He also appointed Katrina Kaif who showed her stunts in the same circus and the twin brother Samar (also played by Amir Khan) fell in love with Katrina Kaif. Abhishek Bacchan and Uday Chopra came in the show and identified the act of the two brothers. When both the twin brothers played by Amir Khan were chased by the police, they jumped down the bridge and died. Katrina Kaif continued the great Indian circus. The performance of Amir Khan was per excellence. He played the innocent character of Samar, the weaker brother with beauty. He outshined all the other artists in the film. Pritam’s music was impressive. Mohit Chauhan’s song “tu hi junoon” created magic. The film did business of more than 250 crores and remains the biggest Bollywood blockbuster ever. Amir Khan should get best actor award for supreme performance in the film Dhoom 3.

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