Thursday, October 17, 2013

Superstar Deb and Koel stormed Zee Bangla Dadagiri Program.

Superstar Deb and Koel stormed Zee Bangla Dadagiri Program on 16th October, 2013. Deb and Koel Mallick came to promote their new film Rangbaaz. The film had been directed by Raja Chanda. He participated in the program Dadagiri. The cinematographer Sailesh Awasthi who had been the cinematographer of the film also came in the show. The anchor Sourav Ganguly asked Deb about the speciality of the film. He said firstly the major part of the film had been shot in Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand. Then he said that the action stunts in the film stands out. There were scenes where Koel was being thrown from 34th floor of a high rise building. There were risks but the actors and actresses like Deb, Koel and others gave their original stunts. The music of the film was very decent. Sourav Ganguly said that these days Bengali films are shot in foreign locations. The standard of photography and camerawork is also excellent. Whenever Bengali films are compared with the Bollywood films there are not much difference. The director Raja Chanda said yes. It was the great development of Bengali films and growth in the technological aspect of filmmaking. There were shots taken in the seas near Thailand. Some part of the shooting was also done in Italy. Sourav Ganguly asked Deb about his background. He said he was an engineer. For some period of time who acted as an assistant to the director Abbas Mastan. He was born in a village in Midnapore. Whenever he used to come from Mumbai via Geetanjali Express, he used to get down at Kharagpur and get back to his village. He had worked hard to achieve name and fame in Bengali films. In the slog over round, Deb answered the maximum number of questions and became champion in the Zee Bangla Dadagiri Program. He also scored the fastest 50 and won the prize for scoring the fastest 50. Sourav Ganguly wished him best of luck for the upcoming film Rangbaaz.

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