Monday, August 19, 2013

Sudipa Mukherjee, Shukla Mukherjee, Sneha Chatterjee and others stormed Zee Bangla Didi No. 1 Program.

Rachana Banerjee invited the entire team of Rannaghar Program in Zee Bangla Didi No. 1 Program on 19th August, 2013. The team included Sudipa Mukherjee who is the anchor of the program, Shukla Mukherjee, Sneha Chatterjee and Sonali Choudhury. Zee Bangla Rannaghar Program is shown everyday at 5 pm in Zee Bangla Channel. All these hosts are famous for hosting cookery shows in Zee Bangla. Ranchana Banerjee asked Sudipa Mukherjee about her experience in the show. She said the program had crossed 2500 episodes and is running excellently. Sneha Chatterjee said that she had a great experience in hosting the shows in the houses of renouned personalities. Shukla Mukherjee is called kitchen queen and had written many books of cookery. Sonali Choudhury said she enjoyed the anchoring of the program on Sundays. In the first round, the contestants were asked to make samosas with the ingredients. Sudipa Mukherjee did in shortest time and won Kitchen Chimney as prize. In the second round Biswanath Choudhury came in the musical section. He had also anchored the Rannaghar program for some episodes. He said he had excellent experience of going to Purulia. In the villages of Purulia he met the common villagers and their simplicity touched him. He also said there was red palash flowers in the hills of Purulia which looked like red carpet. He also understood the poverty of the common man in the village. All the contestants were asked to sing songs in the second round. Shukla Mukherjee sang the song “sadher lau banailo more bairagi”. Biswanath Choudhury stayed in the show for one more round. All the cookery show anchors brought with them brilliant delicacies. Sudipa Mukherjee brought khitchuri. Sonali Choudhury brought hilsa fish. Biswanath Choudhury brought sweet curd ( mishti doi). Shukla Mukherjee and Sneha Chatterjee brought sweets. The palatable dish was eaten by all the participants and Rachana Banerjee. At the end of the show Sneha Chatterjee gave all the answers in the rapid fire round and won all the prizes that were left over. The other three contestants Sudipa Mukherjee, Shukla Mukherjee and Sonali Choudhury had won many other prizes. Rachana Banerjee anchored the program very well.

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