Monday, April 8, 2013

Sabitri Chatterjee spoke excellently on Suchitra Sen’s birthday.

Mahanayika (super actress) Suchitra Sen was remembered on her birthday on 5th April, 2013. After 1978, Suchitra Sen stopped acting in Bengali films. During the last 35 years she had not allowed any access of media in her house. ABP News covered a program on 5th April, 2013. Veteran Actress Sabitri Chatterjee was called in that program and a historian was called who kept contact with Suchitra Sen. Sabitri Chatterjee was very polite and spoke very highly about Suchitra Sen. She said there was only one hit pair of Bengal. It was Uttam Kumar Suchitra Sen. The viewers always wanted their onscreen romance. It did not mean that Sabitri Chatterjee and Uttam Kumar’s films did not do great business. Their films were super hit. But Suchitra Sen did not have any competitor. She shared an experience with Suchitra Sen during the shooting of film Grihadaha in 1967. She said whil Sabitri Chatterjee was applying her make up, Suchitra Sen called her in her room. She called her with the name Sabi. She was the only actress in Bengal who used to call Sabitri Chatterjee by that name. Suchitra Sen said before the mirror she dominated Bengali films with her eternal beauty but did not reach the level of excellence in acting to the extent of Sabitri Chatterjee. The historian gave reference to the house of Suchitra Sen in South Kolkata. She had embraced religion and found peace in doing puja and getting involved with RK Mission in different actvtities. She did not prefer to come before the media. But she had taken diksha under a maharaj of RK Mission. Sabitri Chatterjee also said that she was happy that Suchitra Sen did not accept the Dadasahab Phalke Award given to her when she was in her 80s. Sabitri Chatterjee said if awards are given to recipients at an age when don’t have the capacity to understand which award they are getting then the award makes no sense. Suchitra Sen had the courage to say that. Many people don’t have courage.

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