Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Alpona Goswami stormed Zee Bangla Rannaghar Program.

Eminent Bengali actress Alpona Goswami stormed Zee Bangla Rannaghar Program on 2nd April, 2013. She was a very gorgeous actress of the 1980s. She acted in Tapan Sinha’s super hit film Baidurja Rahasya. The film was released in mid-80s. Tapas Pal, Bosonto Choudhury and Moon Moon Sen were the other lead actors and actresses in the film. She also acted in the film Bidrohi opposite Ranjit Mullick and Santu Mukherjee. She cooked pepper chicken in the show. It was a simple chicken dish where onion is not used. She used curd, black pepper and other ingredients on chicken. She had settled in New York, USA. Her daughter has started yoga school in Vienna. Her other daughter and son also had grown up in New York, USA. Sudipa Mukherjee asked her if she wanted to make a comeback in Bengali film who will be the actor opposite whom she would have acted. She answered that Ranjit Mullick would have been the actor. She was very comfortable with Ranjit Mullick. Then Sudipa Mukherjee asked her who was her favourite director who worked with her. She said both Dinen Gupta and Tapan Sinha were great directors for her. She said she missed the life of Bengali actress in USA. She also said that actress Moon Moon Sen was her great friend. Still both of them had great relationship. Whenever Alpona Goswami came to Kolkata then she was invited by Moon Moon Sen. This time also she was being invited.

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