Saturday, March 30, 2013

Kalyani Mondol stormed Zee Bangla Rannaghar Program.

Eminent actress Kalyani Mondol stormed Zee Bangla Rannaghar Program on 30th March, 2013. She came in the cookery show and taught everyone the art of making potol kachki dish. Kanchki fish is of the same nature of small fishes like Mourala or Puti. Kalyani Mondol first did cut the vegetable snake gourd also called potol. Then she did fry the potol or snake guard. Then she fried the kanchki fish. Then a jhal like flavor was created with the vegetable and the fish. Kalyani Mondol was asked by the host what was her experience of acting with superstar Uttam Kumar. She said she used to call Uttam Kumar uncle. He was very helpful for the junior actresses. He told them how to deliver dialogues. His wife Supriya Choudhury who was called Benudi was an excellent cook. Whatever dishes she used to bring, Uttam Kumar used to share them with the other artists including Kalyani Mondol. Kalyani Mondol spoke about Dilip Roy who was the brother of her father-in-law. Dilip Roy was an eminent actor and director. He gave a very prominent role to Kalyani Mondol in the film Amrito Kumbher Sandhane. Kalyani Mondol praised the director Rituporno Ghosh a lot. She said that Rituporno Ghosh gave her a prominent role in a serial based on which the successful film Shubho Mohoraat was made. Kalyani Mondol said that she had almost 45 years of acting experience. Presently she is making a house in Tagore’s place Shantiniketan. The anchore appreciated her enthusiasm in acting.

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