Sunday, March 24, 2013

It is sad that Aatma did not get good opening inspite of innovative story.

The film Aatma had been released on 22nd March all over India. The director Suparn Verma did a great job. In the film it was shown that Nawazuddin Siddique, the husband of Bipasha Basu died out of an accident. He loved his daughter played by Doyel Dhawan a lot. The soul, or the aatma of Nawazuddin came and possessed Doyel. He was ruthless towards Bipasha. He thought she had an affair with an office colleague named Pankaj. Nawauddin’s aatma started killing each and everyone who were related to Doyel. He first killed a classmate of Doyel, who used to sit behind Doyel and create mischief. Then he killed the class teacher of Doyel who once scolded Doyel. Bipasha Basu took Doyel to a psychologist. The aatma killed him. Bipasha took the help of a tantric also. The tantric gave her a sacred thread with maduli and asked the child to wear it. While the tantric was doing puja, the aatma killed him also. Bipasha was advised to go to another place for some time for a change. The aatma chased Doyel there also. When the aatma killed Bipasha’s friend in the kitchen, she was also there and the police arrested Bipasha thinking that she had killed the friend. Bipasha came to understand that the aatma was too strong. It was not possible for a living human being to kill the aatma. Only a dead spirit could have killed it. So Bipasha deliberately crushed her head in the walls of the confinement home to die. Her spirit came and saved Doyel from being killed by the aatma in a railway line. Then by using the sacred thread she killed the aatma, the spirit of Nawazuddin. The performance of Nawazuddin Siddique was par excellence. He just continued from where he left in the film Kahaani and Talaash, Bipasha Basu and Doyel were also very impressive in their roles. The side artists Darshan Jariwala, Mohan Kapoor, Shernaz Patel were very impressive. But one fact in the film that the aatma was more powerful from the Godly forces was something impractical. There is no logic which says an aatma can be killed only by an aatma. There were other films in the past like Raat where it was shown that with puja and yajna, evil spirits can be driven out. It is sad that the film did not get good opening. The story was innovative and the direction and acting was brilliant. Viewers should see the film.

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