Sunday, September 16, 2012

Hollywood film Frankenfish created horror effect.

Hollywood film Frankenfish created horror effect. The film was released in 2004. The film was directed by Mark Dipp. The film was produced by David Hillary.

The film was related to frankenfish. Medical Examiner Torry Kittles and marine biologist China Chow went to a Maryland pond, to investigate the death of a fisherman. They found Muse Watson hunting catsish in a swamp. They met Gloria Crankton, the wife of the deceased fisherman.

They met KD Aubert, the daughter of Gloria and also her boyfriend. Raoule Trujelo hand a handgun and when a big frankenfish attacked him he killed it with the gun. He took out the heart of the fish and tried eating it when a second frankenfish came and devoured him.

A shotgun from the barbecue shot China Chow and she died. A frankenfish killed Gloria also. At that time a bounty hunter with his team came and compelled Torry Kittles and KD Aubert to go to the swamp where they suspected more number of Frankenfish were there. He explained everyone that the fishes were genetically engineered variety of sneakhead fish.

They went to the fish’s den. Tory Kittles entered first under compulsion but fled away. The two bounty hunters were killed by the fish. Tory drove the boat with KD Aubert and knocked off the protective lining of the fan. The frankenfish launched its attack on them, could not resist the speed and got cut off by the blades of the fan of the boat. Tory and Aubert were the only survivors of the attack.

Tory, Aubert, Gloria, China Chow were excellent in their performances. The camera work was excellent. The film really created a horror effect in the minds of the viewers.

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