Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hollywood film Frogs created horror effect.

Sam Elliot, Joan Van Ark Hollywood film Frogs created real horror effect. The film was directed by George McCowan. It was released in 1972. The film was produced by George Edwards and Peter Thomas. A big message was given in the film if human beings hunted animals, birds and created imbalance in the environment, then nature and the animals took revenge against it. In the film Sam Elliot rowed on a canoe and took photographs of animals around the Crockett family estate, situated in rural Florida. His Canoe was dipped in the water by a speed boat run by Ray Milland’s son. He then carried Same Elliot in their own boat and brought him to the Crockett House. Ray Milland was the handicapped old person of the Crockett family. He wanted to celebrate his birthday on 4th July, the next day. He send a person called Grover to spray pesticides in the forests and swamps around their house. Sam Elliot went to find Grover. He found that the corpse of Grover was lying in the woods. He reported about that to Ray Milland. His son Michael went to the forest and accidently shot himself and got killed by insects. His son Kenneth and went to the green house to check the animals in that green house. He was killed by the animals over there including the wasps and insects. At the end of the film when even the servants left Ray Milland, Sam Elliot took Joan Van Arc, the daughter of Ray Milland and the two children out of that area. He asked for lift after crossing the lake and the lady who travelled said in that area she never came across any human being in the three hours drive. That showed that the insects and animals killed the human population due to the fact that the Crocket family hunted many animals in the area. The last scene showed that the frogs had broken the glass and surrounded Ray Milland. He got hurt attack and died. The performances of Ray Milland, Sam Elliot and Joan Van Arc were excellent. The photography was brilliant. The film really gave a message and created a horror effect

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