Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sharmila Tagore said Uttam Kumar was the greatest Bengali star ever born.

Sharmila Tagore. Sharmila Tagore once again came as guest judge in Zee Bangla Mirakkel Program on 6th March, 2012. Mir Afsar Ali asked him her experience of acting with Uttam Kumar. She said that Satyajit Ray said that if Uttam Kumar would have declined to act in the film Nayak, he would not have made the film at all. She said her first commercial film in Bengal was Shesh Anka, opposite superstar Uttam Kumar. She said was amazed to see Uttam Kumar’s directorial capability in the film Kalangini Kankabati. She was spellbound in the way Uttam Kumar explained the character in the film Kalangini Kankabati. The respect for Uttam Kumar just increased and increased. At the end she said Uttam Kumar was the greatest Bengali actor ever to have been born. Mir asked her which was the best shooting spot in India where Sharmila had acted. Sharmila answered that Shillong was the best place. She acted with Dev Anand in the film Ye Gulistan Hamara and the shooting took place in Shillong. She could not forget the experience. She said she would have been happy if the film Safar would have been remade. If it was remade then Vidya Balan would have been the ideal actress who could have acted in the film.

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