Sunday, December 2, 2018

Robot 2 is destined to do business of more than 300 crores.

Robot 2 is destined to do business of more than 300 crores. Robot 2 is one of the most expensive films released in 2018. It is destined to do business of more than 300 crores. In 3 days it crossed business of 100 crores. Rajnikant both in the role of Vassikaran and also the Robot was outstanding. Akshay Kumar brought the feelings related to birds very well. The director Shankar gave a great message in the film. He meant the harmful radiation from Cell Phone towers are destroying birds. If birds are destroyed, the insects on crops cannot be reduced, crops are harmed, ecology as a whole will be destroyed. So there should check and balance on this aspect which TRAI and other regulators should take care of. Viewers should watch the film. A man, surrounded by birds, hangs himself to death at a cell site. Elsewhere, the scientist Vaseegaran introduces Nila, his new andro-humanoid robot, to a group of students. Suddenly, their mobile phones begin flying, exhibiting bird-like characterstics. Before long, mobile phones all over Tamil Nadu begin to fly, leaving the state in chaos. At an emergency meeting initiated by the government, Vaseegaran enunciates that it is beyond conventional science to fight such a fifth force, and proposes reinstating Chitti, which was dismantled in 2010. However, Dhinendra Bohra, who lost his father Bohra to Chitti's anger,[a] opposes, and the proposal is vetoed. Instead, the council decides to seek help from the military. The growing swarm of mobile phones leave havoc in its path, killing a cell phone wholesaler, a transmission tower owner and a telecom minister. To prevent further damage, Vijay Kumar, the Home Minister, unofficially gives Vaseegaran permission to rebuild Chitti again. Chitti traces the mobile phones, which have taken the form of a giant crow, and they fight. Chitti's battery is depleted, and it starts searching for a power source amongst three huge signal transmitters. To the surprise of Vaseegaran, the bird is unable to penetrate the field of transmitters and suffers damage when attempting to do so. Vaseegaran sets for his lab, where he learns from Chitti that the bird is powered by a body of negative energy, or aura, of a single human being and numerous birds. The radiation from the antennae and other living organisms are positively-charged aura while the dead are negatively-charged, allowing the parabolic antennae to repel the bird. Had it entered the electromagnetic field, the combination of both auras would neutralize[disambiguation needed] the bird, preventing it from reassembling. With this in mind, Vaseegaran replicates a smaller version of the antenna and sets off with Chitti and Nila to destroy the bird. When the neutralization process is about 50 percent, the bird weakens and transmogrificates into an egg, which then reassembles into a human, who calls himself Pakshi Rajan. Pakshi Rajan used to be an ornithology professor who owned a small house in an open field where birds would come and live with him. The growth of the smartphone industry and the radiation from the newly set up mobile towers home gradually kill the birds due to radiation. Pakshi Rajan then visits the cell phone wholesaler, transmission tower owner and the Telecom Minister(Kalabhavan Shajohn) and requests them to stop their activities but to no avail. He also organizes conferences and protests against mobile phones for the favour of birds, but no one supports him. Eventually, all his birds die, and a distraught Pakshi Rajan hangs himself to death from a mobile tower. His life energy, along with the dead birds, combine together to form an aura that manipulates mobile phones into any form by electromagnetic radiation. Chitti empathizes with Pakshi Rajan, but asserts that he should not kill people. Pakshi Rajan declines, and retakes the form of a crow. Chitti reactivates the mini transmitters and neutralizes Pakshi Rajan, storing his energy in a containment circuit. This feat helps Vaseegaran's cause and the Home Minister legalizes Chitti. He also orders that andro-humanoid robots like Chitti be made for the Indian Army. Jealous of Chitti's eminence, a revenge-bend Dhinendra Bohra sneaks into the Artificial Intelligence Research and Development (AIRD) Institute and free's Pakshi Rajan's aura from the containment circuit. The aura enters Vaseegaran, enabling Pakshi Rajan to possess his body and attack humans. Chitti hesitates to kill Rajan as it will mean the death of Vaseegaran as well. Taking advantage of this, Pakshi Rajan disassembles Chitti. Nila takes Chitti back to the lab and rebuilds his body, replacing his microchip with the red chip created by Bohra,[a] which results in Chitti's violent configuration, version 2.0, being in control. Nila constrains him from harming anyone but Pakshi Rajan. Chitti then prepares for battle, creating more versions of his likeness. He also develops a romantic interest in Nila. Pakshi Rajan takes over a crowded stadium and exposes Bohra to radiation, killing him. Before he can cause further damage, Chitti confronts him, having no qualms fighting him in Vaseegran's body. However, his battery drains, and he rushes to the power station. Microbots resembling Chitti, each known as Kutty 3.0, arrive mounted on white pigeons, distracting Pakshi Rajan and separating his aura from Vaseegaran. The microbots lead Pakshi Rajan's aura to the antennae, where he is eliminated, destroying the towers in the process. Vaseegaran recovers in hospital with the Home Minister by his side; he feels Pakshi Rajan was a virtuous person who was a victim of the corrupt society. While his motive to protect birds was well-meaning, his aura went to extremes, including killing people. Vaseegaran lays down that everyone should limit the use of phones, and feed birds whenever they get a chance. Chitti, now restored to his inceptive version, begins a relationship with Nila, to which Vaseegaran gives his consent. Cast • Rajinikanth as Dr. Vaseegaran, Chitti and Kutty 3.0 • Akshay Kumar as Pakshi Rajan[6][7] • Amy Jackson as Nila[8] • Sudhanshu Pandey as Dhinendra "Dhina" Bohra[9] • Adil Hussain as Vijay Kumar, the Home Minister[10] • K. Ganesh as Jeyanth Kumar • Anant Mahadevan as Head of the meeting • Kalabhavan Shajohn as the Minister of Telecommunications[11] • Kaizaad Kotwal as Ranjit Lulla • Mayilsamy as the assistant of the Minister of Telecommunications • Sanchana Natarajan as one of the students in Vaseegaran's lab • Savitha Reddy as Sana (voice only)

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