Thursday, September 8, 2016

Wahida Rehman and Asha Parekh's interview before Anupam Kher was excellent.

Wahida Rehman and Asha Parekh gave an excellent interview before Anupam Kher. Anupam Kher in his show “Kuch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai” in Sony TV brought Wahida Rehman, Asha Parekh on 4th October, 2015. Wahida Rehman shared her experiences before Anupam Kher. Wahida Rehman said Guru Dutt came in Hyderabad and was looking for a newcomer. Wahida Rehman was seen in a dance program. There after she gave audition and was called in Mumbai and got chance in CID. The film became super hit. Anupam Kher asked Wahida Rehman she never thought that she was beautiful, but in the song “chaudavi ka chand ho” he could imagine no one else. In reply Wahida Rehman said that she was seen in the film so was appreciated, but if Madhabala would have done the role it would have been even grand. Anupam Kher asked her if she had to act opposite any hero of the present age, who would have been the actor. Wahida Rehman said the actor would be Aamir Khan, the actress will be Vidya Balan. Anupam Kher asked Asha Parekh about her favourite stars. She said that in her youth she was admirer of Dilip Kumar and Vaijayantimala. She got a chance to act in the film Goonj Uthi Shehnai but at the last moment it did not work out. She got chance in Dil Deke Dekho and it became jubilee hit. Wahida Rehman and Asha Parekh said that they had a female group who travelled to different parts of the world. Last year they had travelled to Alaska. When asked about classical dance she said, she was very satisfied to dance in the song in film Phir Wohi Dil Laya Hoon in the song “dekho bijli dole bin badal ke”. Anupam Kher gave respect to both Wahida Rehman and Asha Parekh in the show. It was telecast in Sony TV on 4th October, 2015.

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