Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Rabin Majumdar was successful as a hero but his singing skills were equally good.

Robin Majumdar was successful both as actor and singer. Robin Mojumdar was a very successful singer of the 1940s and 1950s. His basic discs were very romantic and became popular. Eminent composer Robin Chatterjee composed landmark songs for Robin Majumdar. The song “ amar adhar gharer pradip” and “mor premogan” had beautiful melody. Robin Mojumdar sang the song very well. The use of piano by Robin Chatterjee was brilliant. Also Robin Chatterjee composed song “ami rajanigandhar moto” was liked by the audience. Eminent composer Kamal Dasgupta also gave landmark tunes to Robin Mojumdar. Some of them included “ei ki go shesh daan”, “baluka belae miche ki goris khelaghar”. Kamal Dasgupta was the composer of the film Garmil. Pranab Roy wrote the lyrics of the song. Robin Majumdar acted as hero of the film. The film became hit and the songs became super hit. The other hit songs of Robin Mojumdar in Bengali films include “nabik amar ogo nabik amar”, “dekha holo kon logone” to name a few. He acted with many heroines of that time including Sandha Rani. In the mid-1950s Uttam Kumar, Basanta Choudhury, Asit Boron, Bikash Roy came up as the other heroes of Bengali films. Robin Mojumdar from the role of hero switched of to character roles. But his acting performance was at par with the other actors. He did a great job opposite Asit Boron in the film Joydeb. He also acted very well in the role of a bayul singer in Basanta Choudhury’s film Bodhu in 1962. Premendra Mitra, an eminent author of the Kollol era directed few of the films in which stories were written by him. He directed the film Chupi Chupi Ashe. In that film Robin Mojumdar played a very landmark role. He played the role of the host of the house which was used as a hotel and guest house. On a rainy day the house got flooded and the criminal went on killing guests one after the other. At the end of the film it was found that the investigating officer played by Tarun Kumar was the actual villain and the murderer. The film stood out as one of the brilliant crime thriller films of the late 1950s. When Robin Majumdar attended old age, Oscar winning director Satyajit Ray gave him a good role in the film Hirak Rajar Deshe. He gave lips in the song “kotoi ranga dekhi duniyay, o bhai re”. His films and the songs require restoration.

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