Thursday, March 17, 2016

Kanchan Mallick last year gave excellent interview in Happy Parents Day

Kanchan Mallick gave an excellent interview in Zee Bangla Happy Parents Day Program. Kanchan Mallick, successful actor in Bengali films gave an excellent interview in Zee Bangla Happy Parents Day Program on 2nd May, 2015. The anchor Debshankar Halder asked Kanchan Mallick about his history before he joined films. He said that 20 years back his father lost his eyesight. From that time he had the responsibility of being the sole bread-earner in the family. He worked in a saloon as an accountant. But director Shibaprasad Banerjee gave him 4 game shows in the Private TV Chanel and asked him to leave the job in the saloon. He asked his mother about it. She told him whatever his heart told he should do. The TV show made Kanchan Mallick a star. Then he got film offers. From that time he never looked back. He said at one time he earned only Rs 700 every month. He was amazed how his mother could run a family with only such a small earning. He was passionate about theatre. He said his relationship with his father was like Uttam Kumar’s relationship with Kamal Mitra or Chabi Biswas. He could tell his mother. His father told everything to his mother. He played the game for his father and mother. Due to health reasons his mother and father could not come in the show. He answered all correct answers and ultimately won all the prizes for his parents. He also confessed that he was a great admirer of anchor Debshankar Halder. He liked his acting. Debshankar Halder anchored the program in style.

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