Thursday, May 14, 2015

Asitboron had impressive screen presence at par with Uttam Kumar.

Asitboron had impressive screen presence in Bengali films. Asitboron was the established Bengali star of the golden age, namely the 40s and 50s, whom Uttam Kumar surpassed and became a super star. An actor of more than 100 film, he had an impressive screen presence. Born in 1913, he learned table lessons from renowned singer and composer Gyan Prokash Ghosh. He was noticed by actor Pahari Sanyal while performing in All In Radio and was given opportunity in Hemchandra Chandra’s film Pratisruti in 1941. He played notable roles in the late 40s and early 50s. His successful films included Jaideb opposite Anubha Gupta, Kar Pape opposite Manju Dey, Nay Dondo opposite Arundhuti Debi. In Kar Pape he played the role of patient suffering from the disease of syphilis who married Manju Dey against the wishes of the doctor Chabi Biswas who advised him not to marry before he got absolutely cured. When Manju Dey got infected with syphilis and her children also died she fired Asit Boron at the end of the film when he was preparing for another marriage. The film created sensation in early 50s. Asit Boron played the notable role of Mathur in the film Rani Rasmani. He was the son in law of Malina Debi in the film who never believed in God. But Sri Sri Ramakrishna Paramhanshadeb’s appearance changed his mind set. Malina Debi and Gurudas Bandhopadhyay’s spirited performance was balanced by Asit Boron’s smart performance. In Uttam Kumar’s film Khokababur Protyaborton, Asit Boron played the role of the Judge, whose son was lost by Uttam Kumar, the servant of the house, who sacrificed his own son in the film. It was Tagore’s classic literature which moved the audience. Asit Boron was professional singer and tabla player and all those skills were exhibited in the role of hero in the films of 50s and 60s. He played notable roles opposite Suchitra Sen in the film Sriti Tuku Thak and Shilpi, opposite Mala Sinha in Bandhu, Sandharani in the film Brotocharini, to name a few. Besides he played landmark roles in historical films like Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Antony Firingi, etc. In Antony Firingi he played the role of Bhola Moira, who contested against Uttam Kumar in the kabir larai, war between poets. He provided elegant performances in the films of other heroes, like Bosonto Choudhury’s Bodhu and Shreyasi, Nirmal Kumar’s Kono Ek Din, Uttam Kumar’s Surjo Toron, to name a few. At the frag end of his career he showed his potentiality in Tapan Sinha’s film Harmonium. He was zamindar in the film whose harmonium was sold by his daughter and changed different hands and returned back to the daughter played by Arundhuti Debi. He commanded respect from the film community under his nickname “kaloda”. His films and songs should be preserved.

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