Saturday, November 1, 2014

Composer Robin Chatterjee had huge contribution in the films of Uttam Kumar.

Superstar Uttam Kumar was the uncrowned monarch of Bengali films during the golden age, that is the 1950s and 1960s. Robin Chatterjee was a genius composer and composed many romantic tunes during that decade. In Uttam Kumar’s film Sabar Upare, Sandhya Mukherjee’s song “ghum ghum chand jhiki miki tara” picturized on Suchitra Sen became super hit. Even Dhananjoy Bhattacharya’s song “kataron aghate chino paye rakta jhare” became hit. In Uttam Kumar’s film Sagarika released in 1956, Sandhya Mukherjee’s songs were as successful Shyamal Mitra’s song “amar sapne dekha rajkanya thake”. Robin Chatterjee gave excellent tune to Alpana Banerjee in the film titled “hridoy amar shundoro taba pay”. The film became super hit. In Uttam Kumar’s film Pathe Holo Deri, Sandhya Mukherjee’s song “tumi na hoy rohite kache”, “ei shanj-ghera logone aaj” and “e shudu ganer din” became very successful. The romantic tunes took the audience to a different world. The magic combination of Robin Chatterjee Uttam Kumar and Suchitra Sen continued in the film Shilpi. Dhananjoy Bhattacharya’s song “bondhu re” had folk tune embedded in it. Robin Chatterjee gave beautiful tune “sunaha baranari” to Shyamal Mitra in Uttam Kumar’s film Suno Bara Nari. In Uttam Kumar’s film Bipasha, Robin Chatterjee gave excellent tunes to Sandhya Mukherjee in the song “klantir poth bujhiba phuralo mor”, “ami sapne tomay dekhechi”. Robin Chatterjee composed tunes in Uttam Kumar’s other films like Momer Alo where Subir Sen sang notable songs, Shaharer Itikatha, etc., and all these films did great business due to the excellent music composed by Robin Chatterjee. Robin Chatterjee gave excellent tunes in Uttam Kumar’s film Kamallata. Shyamal Mitra and Sandhya Mukherjee’s song “o mon kokhon shuru kokhon je shesh ke jane” was appreciated by the religious-minded audience. In 1969 Robin Chatterjee died and the great combination with both Uttam Kumar and Suchitra Sen ended. The films and the songs of Robin Chatterjee Uttam Kumar combination should be restored.

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