Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Zee Bangla Mirakkel Program Season 8 is back.

Zee Bangla Mirakkel Program is back. Zee Bangla Mirakkel Akkel Challenger Program is back with a bang. This time it is Zee Bangla Mirakkel Akkel Challenger Season 8. Mir Afsar Ali called it Ahlade Atkhana. The same group of judges are there in season 8 as well. Paran Banerjee, Rajatavo Dutta and Sri Lekha Mitra were there in the previous season. There had not been any change in this season. The program is produced by Subhankar Chatterjee. The same group of mentors are there in season 8 as well. They include Dr. Krishnendu, Ankit Tiwary, Arnab and this time there is addition of Sawan to keep a representative of Bangladesh. Participants from Bangladesh are also invited in the show. In Mirakkel Akkel Challenger Season 7, the winner was Subhashis Mukherjee. Mithun Roy was the runners. Pinaky Mukherjee was the most inspiring performer. In Season 6, Abu Henna Ronnie and Vicky Partho were the joint winners. In respect of the platform for Mirakkel Akkel Challenger, it has been seen that those performers who got recognition later got chances in Bengali films, serials and other shows. For example Apurbo Roy became a big star after his immense success in the Zee Mirakkel Program got offers from different producers and directors. Everyone expects good performances in the new edition of Zee Bangla Mirakkel Akkel Challenger 8 Program.

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