Monday, January 7, 2013

Ajay and Atul stormed Zee TV Saregamapa Program. Ajay and Atul, the successful composers of music stormed Zee TV Saregamapa Program on 5th January, 2012. Both the composers had composed successful music in both Marathi films as well as Hindi films over the last few years, including the film Agneepath in 2012. The participants sang the brilliant songs of Ajay Atul in the show. Biswajeet Borwankar sang the song “jai ganesha” composed by Atul Ajay in the film Agneepath. Jashim Sharma sang the ghazal “ahista ahista” originally sang by Jagjit Singh. Ajay Atul appreciated him and said Jagjit Singh would have been proud of his performance if he had been alive. Renu Nagar was eliminated out of the show. Ajay Atul said when they did riyaz they never had harmonium. They asked their father for higher studies students required 5 lakh rupees they required only 1 lakh rupees. Their father bought them the keyboard worth 1 lakh rupees. They made tunes sung them and got national award also. The other judges Shankar Mahadevan, Rahul Ram and Sajid Wajid, and anchor Javed Ali
appreciated Ajay Atul. The participants Shahnaz Akhtar, Jasraj Joshi and Mohammad Aman also appreciated Ajay Atul. They sang their best and Ajay and Atul blessed them from their hearts.

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