Thursday, May 10, 2012

Jennifer Lopez was outstanding in Anaconda.

Jennifer Lopez, Anaconda

Jennifer Lopez was outstanding in Anaconda. Actress Jennifer Lopez was outstanding in the film Anaconda. It was a horror film directed by Luis Llosa and released in 1997. Jennifer Lopez was the director who wanted to make a documentary film on a lost Indian tribe named Shirishama tribe. They went across Amazon river. They took the help of a native Paraguan lost person Jon Hoight who told them that he knew the way where the tribe lived. Along with Jennifer Lopez, members of her crew went with her namely Ice Cube, Kary Wuhrer, Owen Wilson and others. Eric Sloltz got stung in his neck by a poisonous wasp. Due to his sickness, Jon Hoight took command of the boat. He actually wanted to hunt a green anaconda in the river. Vincent Castellanos was killed by the Anaconda. Jennifer Lopez convinced her crew members that Jon Hoight was becoming a threat. Instead of rescuing them he was misleading them and taking them to anaconda’s den. They united together and tied him with a rope. But Hoight chocked Kary Wohrer and got rid of the rope. Jennifer Lopez and Ice Cube were tied in a rope and given as food to the anaconda by Jon Hoight. Lopez and Ice Cube freed themselves and the anaconda killed Jon Hoight himself. The anaconda got stuck in a smoke stack. Ice Cube ignited it and burned the anaconda alive. Jennifer Lopez, Ice Cube and Eric Stoltz were the only survivers and they found the lost tribe at the end. The film did excellent business. Jennifer Lopez, Eric Stoltz, Ice Cube and Jon Hoight were unparallel. It never looked like they were acting. Everything came out natural.

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